How to prepare your quilt


If you are supplying the backing and wadding, they need to be at least 4 inches larger on all sides.

Therefore add 8 inches to the length and width measurements to calculate the size of the backing and wadding.


All edges of the quilt and backing should be straight and square to ensure that they roll evenly on Lizzie's rollers.


Iron the quilt top and backing. Make sure all seams are secured and ironed flat. Trim excess threads (especially dark threads on light fabrics)


Make sure that your borders lie flat. Wavy borders that are tight can result in a puckered finish over the quilt top.


Pieced borders should have a line of stay stitching around the edge to avoid seams unravelling.


Do not pin the three layers together.

Please Note:

All care is taken to provide a good finish, and some fullness in the quilt top can be accommodated.

Excessive fullness may result in some rippling and puckering in the finished quilt.